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The War Room

A platform built to take you out of the matrix. Get out of your social media groups, that just makes you distracted, and stop progressing.

The War Room is a special platform with a collective features to distract you from being distracted from Social Media. The goal is to train freelancers, or aspiring freelancers to become a high-value individual.

Discover a unique platform designed to liberate you from the clutches of social media distractions.

At The War Room, we are on a mission to empower freelancers and aspiring
freelancers like you, transforming you into high-value individuals.

Start Right & Strong

Immerse yourself in an environment that engraves the values of Relentlessness, Sustainability, and Resilience deep within your core. Surround yourself with a community of like-minded individuals who share your ambitions and aspirations. Together, we will push boundaries and set ourselves apart.

Are your ready to get up to
$10,000 Monthly Recurring Revenue?

The War Room is built and created to get you to your very first $10,000 MRR. Inside, we will teach you to narrow down your market, to the deepest extent, making sure that you never ask yourself, “Did I pick the right target market?” perfectly paired with making yourself as an expert in a craft, so you never say “I don’t know what value I can give.”

Can that really be the secret to reaching my first $10k? YES. But of course, we’ll have to make you mentally, and emotionally strong for it. And we also teach you the foundations of great business leaders inside the War Room.

You think you’re different than most people?
Don’t sleep on this. Consider this your wake up call.

Included in

"The Freelancers' Dojo! The people and vibe inside will surely shift your mindset. Everyone is an action-taker to the point it becomes contagious. "

Carl Salamida

Founder | The Freelancing Dad

"The Freelancers' Dojo feels like a virtual home to me. It consists of like-minded individuals who seek clarity and strive to achieve more as freelancers."

Gemma Cabantog

Social Media Manager - SocialGem.ph

The Freelancers' Dojo open big opportunities to us freelancers. A help that really helps. There are lots of courses and groups that I have been with, but being with TFD so worth it. It's priceless.

Jennifer Alba

Brand Strategist / COO - Strive Creatives

Community Sustaining Opportunities

The Membership Cost

Your payment and subscriptions are currently not for the profit of the Dojo.
A portion of your subscription for The Dojo Pro and Elites will be transparently pooled to be benefited by future Dojo Charity Partners.

War Room Passes and TomoeAI subscriptions are for maintenance, and future improvements and developments.
These will help the Dojo Ecosystem running to help more and more people wake up, and reach their dreams.

War Room Pass

$ 5
/ monthly
  • Skip the Facebook Group!
  • Complete War Room Access
  • Pillar Course Access
  • Bi-Monthly Group Mentorship Calls
  • Future Community Feature Updates
Sustainer's Badge

The Dojo Pro

$ 99
/ monthly
  • Everything in War Room Pass +
  • Access to 20101 - Mentorship Calls***
  • Direct Working Sessions with Ryan
  • Direct Access to All Scale Courses
  • Community Mobile Access
  • Complete Access to War Room
  • Complete Academy Access
  • Everything in TomoeAI Subscription
  • Choice of Charity Partner (Soon)
  • AI Coaches
  • Future Community Feature Updates
VIP Badge

Dojo Elites

$ 5000
/ two-years
  • Everything in The Dojo Pro +
  • Exclusive $100K MRR Program
  • Secret Resources
  • Complete Ecosystem Access
  • Blockchain Certification
  • B2B Partnerships
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Business Support Requests**
  • Availability of Ryan's Line*
  • Choice of Charity Partner (Soon)

AI Coach Access

$ 10
/ monthly
  • Skip the Facebook Group!
  • Complete War Room Access
  • Exclusive TomoeAI Access
  • All Future AI Coach Development
  • One (1) Choice of AI Course (FREE)
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1. These prices are subject to increase or remain, depending on the demand. But the Dojo will continue to do its best to maintain the initial starting price set.
2. In events where prices should increase, we will let you know, and your membership will be grandfathered with your initial subscription pricing.
3. All prices in Dollars are subject for your bank’s conversion. Please check your bank for accurate exchange rates.

*An exclusive calendar scheduling tool will be made available at your disposal inside the Elite’s Grand Dashboard.
**The Business Support Request availability shall be scheduled, and communicated through a formal request, also made available inside the Elite’s Grand Dashboard.
***20101 Mentorship Calls will be made available to everyone in the Dojo Pro. These are 20-Minute Mentorship Calls designed to help you get your business problems addressed.


Join the Dojo Pro for FREE!

Yes! You can! We offer opportunities for EVERYONE to be in the Elites.
We just need to make sure you go through the Dojo’s Program, and not taint the Dojo’s Reputation.