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Freelancing Journey

Learn From a Different Perspective


Achieve Your Dreams Through Freelancing

We may be showing you the ins and outs of freelancing. But for us, Freelancing is just a facade. We know that you have greater dreams.

Here at the Dojo, Freelancing is your gateway to achieving those dreams.


Words of Experience

The Ecosystem

"The Freelancers' Dojo! The people and vibe inside will surely shift your mindset. Everyone is an action-taker to the point it becomes contagious. "

Carl Salamida

Founder | The Freelancing Dad

"The Freelancers' Dojo feels like a virtual home to me. It consists of like-minded individuals who seek clarity and strive to achieve more as freelancers."

Gemma Cabantog

Social Media Manager -

The Freelancers' Dojo open big opportunities to us freelancers. A help that really helps. There are lots of courses and groups that I have been with, but being with TFD so worth it. It's priceless.

Jennifer Alba

Brand Strategist / COO - Strive Creatives


Enter the Dojo Gates

We have a single fair process for those who enter the Dojo Gates.
Go through the process, and we’ll confidently ensure you achieve your dreams through Freelancing.